Our Packaging

As a privately owned family run company, we are an ethical business. We are committed to ensuring all our packaging materials are as friendly as possible. 

Wherever possible, we will recycle boxes and packaging material that comes into our unit.  This means that on occasion, you might receive your order in a box that has had a previous life – we think it is better to re-use this box, rather then bin it or send it to a recycling plant.  


Our guarantee to you:

  • We only use recycled cardboard boxes.
  • Where possible, we will re-use any boxes in our unit.
  • Any plastic (bubblewrap etc) will be sourced from a eco-friendly company.  
  • We use box Sellotape, but are experimenting with Paper Tape.


We are currently working with an Eco-Friendly Packaging company to come up with solutions on how we can improve our packaging. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.